August 5, 2021

Counter Strike Resource Tips

Counter strike source strategies for its many inexperienced Counter strike source players who find it very hard to compete against the expert’s. Most new players may get really frustrated when they have killed too quickly without taking any enemies down, and it may lead to anger and not playing counter strike source anymore. That is really a waste of your money, I guess you did not purchased the game to play it a couple of times and then stop because you lack the proper counter strike skills, right?

With these tips you may improve your counter strike source abilities and endure longer, and also the most important thing, you may even take a few of your down enemies.

Consistently aim above the enemies belt, it is going to cause more damage to your enemy. Ideally you always need to aim for the head, a headshots means consistently immediate death for your own enemy. This might possibly be challenging for you whenever you’re just starting out but while you continue practicing this you will get used to it. I suggest you to train with each weapon in the game since they shoot different. You particularly need to learn how to take the M4 and the CV-74, you can learn aiming with all these weapons in the target maps, like aim-ak.

Always buy armor at the beginning of every round. This offers you more protection against your opponents.
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Always reload your weapon after you’ve spend some bullets. But be cautious and overeat just when you are positively sure there are not any enemies near and you won’t be amazed when reloading.

When a flash-bomb is thrown towards you instantly look in the opposite direction with your spine pointing towards the flash-bomb. This way the flash might have the smallest possible impact on you. You have to be quick with this one.

When buying pistols always purchase a Desert Eagle that really is the best handgun and using a max of 2 shots aimed at the chest you can kill the enemy quickly and easy.

If you are close to the enemy, then hold down the SHIFT key when walking, then your enemy will not hear your footsteps such a way so you can surprise him with a headshot when he did not see you earlier.

When you’re a real beginner with counter strike source is suggest you to produce your own server on your pc and put some bots inside and play against them in your own, in this way you will learn a lot of the sport.

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