August 5, 2021

eCommerce Is a Dominating Drive – WooCommerce Heads the Pack

For the calendar year 2012, eCommerce grew considerably, a rise of approximately 15% from 2011. Analysts are now projecting that by 2017, over 10% of retail sales will be produced from purchases that are online. B2C sales will also be set to undergo explosive growth, together with projections exceeding $1.2 trillion yearly for this season and beyond. China feeds this expansion, accounting for over 13% of online trades in eCommerce. In brief, folks really like to shop on the internet, and this really is a trend which will continue in an upward trend through the years to come.

WooCommerce is your Most Popular Online Shopping Cart

WooCommerce is among the greatest eCommerce shopping programs and among the most frequently used, also. In only six decades of being accessible within an eCommerce solution, the thing has reported more than 2 million downloads of the eCommerce shopping cart to end-users. From the time Q4 strikes in 2014, they’re projecting that they will have surpassed the 2.25 million downloading mark. WooCommerce empowers users to execute an easy-to-use and powerful shopping cart for their website, and is totally compatible as a WordPress plugin, also. WordPress accounts for approximately 20 percent of fresh website back-ends, which makes it WooCommerce a virally common mix for eCommerce shopkeepers that are only getting started.

Over 10 Percent of eCommerce Websites Use WooCommerce

As per a report which has been issued by WooCommerce on use figures, they are used by over 10% of eCommerce shopkeepers, edging out large boys such as Magento, and finally wearing the crown among the most popular platforms on the planet now for eCommerce; besides juggernauts such as Amazon or eBay, naturally. One of the very best reasons why people pick this particular platform, pricing, ease-of-use, integration alternatives, accessible plugins and also the feature-rich dash top the record.

In a website that was printed by WooThemes, the program market for WooCommerce, entitled, “Tracking WooCommerce Growth in an Open Source World,” a range of certain utilization stats were published which help us better comprehend exactly how popular this stage has become.

Magento comes in second with a talk accounting for 10.07 percent.
ZenCart comes in third with roughly 9.60 percent.
More than 15% of WooCommerce powered websites sell electronic products and services.
More than 2 million consumers have downloaded the WooCommerce program.
Whether wishlist wordpress choose to utilize WooCommerce to power your answer or among many other accessible different suppliers, 1 thing is guaranteed: that the eCommerce sector is increasing by leaps and bounds on a daily basis. Deciding to start your own online shop is a fantastic notion that may only lead to the upcoming excellent online success story. Useful software alternatives like WooCommerce can allow you to better manage and operate your store using carefully tested and created instruments which are made to facilitate your eCommerce operations. Together with e-retail sales place to eclipse the $400 billion mark by 2018, there has never been a better time to get on board than that is currently.

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