July 29, 2021

Office Recycling Bins

Recycling bins play an important part in helping us recycle waste. By using several bins to segregate waste according to its type, we are able to maximise the amount which may be recycled. It’s a lot easier to separate paper, plastics, tin cans, cardboard and other recyclates where they are used, as opposed to putting them all in a single bin and separating them later. This doesn’t mean a complex solution involving many bins is required. There’s a middle ground which combines recycling with practicality.

You can have cardboard and paper in a single bin, plastic bottles in another, tin cans in another and lastly a general waste bin for every thing else. This four bin solution would be an enormous improvement on just throwing everything into one bin. It keeps the recyclates dry, as no food or even liquid waste contaminates the products. Furthermore, it cuts down the amount of sorting needed at a later stage, which is certainly a time intensive and process that is complex. A clean, segregated waste product is hugely less expensive to recycle, and is possibly the most important step on the path towards a hundred % recycling rate.

In order to implement this recycling solution in your office needs a change from the standard setup where everyone has a bin by the workspace of theirs and just puts everything into it. Ideally these should go, and be replaced by recycling bins all kept together in an equivalent place, preferably somewhere with access that is easy for your staff. It is crucial that all your recycling bins are next to one another, to help keep it easy for staff to recycle. If your paper bin is in a room, your can bin in an additional etc then staff have to remember where you can go, and it will begin to be an intricate solution. Simplicity really is the key.

Success of the new recycling scheme also requires a change in attitude from staff. They should realize the benefits of recycling, and just how they can play a part in helping by utilizing the brand new system. The slight inconvenience of having to walk a short distance to dispose of rubbish brings huge recycling benefits. It is up to you to educate them in the new system and tell them the reason why it is very important.

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If this scheme sounds like some thing you believe in, and want your business to do, then you will need to contact whoever collects your business waste and talk about this with them. If they cannot offer a similar solution then its time to switch to a company who can. Play the part of yours in helping the planet become a zero waste planet and start today!

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