July 28, 2021

Top four Reasons We All Need Personal Planners

We want it all. We would like the latest flat screen TV and fashions. We would like to be the Super Mom, Spouse, Dad, CEO and tri-athlete all at exactly the same time. Oh Yeah, we want a thoroughly clean house too. We want so much we attempt to fit it into a single schedule. There is a lot more pressure in the workplace to get much more done with less. Work is already a great portion of the week but companies require their employees to place the additional effort (and hours) in much more than ever. In the schools, curriculums are a lot more demanding and class sizes have increased putting more pressure on the parents to help out with home work. We want twenty six hours in our Day Planner because twenty four hours just isn’t enough. Will we really have it all and find a balance? Many cannot and struggle with the juggling act. Forget planning, there’s just too much to do. Living a normal life each day has become excessive for many. Our Plan: we look for short cuts; Plan A; Turn to restaurants, fast food and pre-processed meals in a box. Plan B: Sleep much less and skip more workouts. Did our parent’s generation, the Baby Boomers, simply have less to do or did they struggle as significant and just made it look easy? Regardless of what the reason, people today merely need help to get it all done. So what to do to become more successful?

1-We Need To Be Better Planners

We are not Planners. We are’ Do ers” and Schedulers maybe even Over Schedulers. When you are this busy you need to prepare well in advance. Those of us who plan well will have an even better possibility of executing their day or perhaps week well. No guarantees but at the least you have planned for success. If perhaps we all had Personal Assistants sure they might do a lot of’ stuff’ but in the end would we be ahead or would we just find more’ stuff’ for the Assistant and ourselves to do and be equally as active. What we really need are Personal Planners. A Personal Planner that would’ sweat the small stuff’ (errands etc) but more importantly actually would plan out our week or day. In fact we need an individual Planner every day the same way a bride may need a Wedding Planner for the big day, we need a trainer at the Gym or perhaps a financial planner for the retirement of ours. Many people are basically not good at planning and need support. Why? – Many do not truly feel they have the time to plan. Some feel that it won’t make a difference, something will happen and it will all change anyway. In situations which are quite a few, our propensity is to’ cram’ too much into our tight schedule and /or set everything as a very high priority. This’s usually the result or even deep rooted fears;’ I am afraid in case I do not get all this done something will happen’ or’ I’m afraid that I’m a failure if I can’t’ do it all’, like the Jones’. Many procrastinate as a result of feeling overwhelmed and as result their schedule becomes chaotic feeding the overwhelmed feelings even more.

2 – We Want a Master Plan
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The absence or even poor planning of a meal plan impacts our diet and nutrition. Lack of an exercise plan, we fail to improve eventually and physically lose the motivation of ours. Lack of a financial plan we are going to struggle to save a dollar and fail to reach our financial goals. Many need the guidance of an individual Planner to plan their month, day, and week objectively without fear. Without a plan we may continually struggle to find the time. We will scramble from activity to activity never planning another move but simply over scheduling the day in our electronic Planner or Day Planner. Every person should have; A financial plan, an exercise plan, A meal plan, A weekly plan last but not least at work; A business plan. An excellent Personal Planner will set SMART Goals, time limits on certain activities and finally priorities. A great Planner would objectively lay out a plan based what I doesn’t have to only what I want. All together this will give us the greatest shot of ours at finding a normal balance.

3 – No Planner, Electronic Planner or Planner System Can Work if There is Simply Too much to Do.

Planners have their limitations although some can use them very well. Many too well and wind up over scheduling. Most of the technologies which were conceived to make our lives easier have simply been used to allow us to do a lot more at the same time. Multitasking is a huge problem today. We have exceeded the boundaries of traditional Planning tools. I am a great believer in Planners, Day Timers and Project Management. These tools are needed to keep some degree of organization and must be used. However, if there’s just much to do, planning helps but in the long run you just have to get rid of the quantity of chores. Minor things amount to something big and numerous folks under estimate (wishful thinking?) just how long something will take. In order to reference Stephen Covey’s analogy; you will need to place the’ large rocks’ in the bucket then and first find out how many’ little rocks’ will fit. If some overflow not a problem there have been only’ little rocks’. Planning is going to help you choose what is a’ large rock’ and what’s a’ pebble’. Often we’re not objective and we think that everything is essential. Untrue, take best close look at it. The little rocks could definitely be delegated to someone else or even left for another day. An alternative to deal with the quantity of tasks, the ultimate problem, is to handle the cause and off load several of the on-line, phone based tasks to your own Planner or Concierge Service.

4 – We Never Record Wasted Time in our Planners

In addition to television, studies point we are choosing to invest too much time on the Internet. As additional services and options start to be safer and available to make use of people are doing more’ errands’ and as a result spending more time on the Internet. This may save us a bit over traditional errands running around town but a lot more individuals are starting to spend several hours a day on the computer and Internet and not with their friends and family. Social isolation in the end has increased. Are’ Social’ sites socially isolating or socially promoting? Time will tell. Once on line it’s very easy to escape and drift off into blogs, chat rooms, on line auctions and endless other sites. Before you realize it you’ve wasted a couple of good hours which could have been spent exercising or perhaps relaxing with an excellent book. We never plan for wasted time then we question the reason why we don’t have time that is enough. The web has turned into an escape for a lot of from the regular and our over scheduled lives.

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