July 26, 2021

Web Marketing Myth #29 – When You Possess Your Own Enterprise, You Get to Phone All the Photographs

This is a very common belief, not only in online businesses, but also in the brick and mortar companies as well. If you have your own organization, or are attempting to own one at some point, then this is a mindset that you should really try to forget.

Employees must have at least a little say in the business enterprise. While perhaps not giving this set of people a say in what happens in your company might not necessarily harm your company, it can’t do anything but help should you let the men and women who work for you participate in helping you and your company apart from simply letting them perform their job duties. This will let a lot of them know that their ideas and concerns about the company they work in actually matter and give them a feeling of appreciation for what they bring to the business.

Your customers are the people that should definitely have a say about how you conduct your business, probably more than anyone else. If it were not for these folks, you would not even have a business. If you are lacking earnings since you aren’t doing what is needed to keep your clients happy, then you want to find out what it is that your clients don’t like about your company, and then see about adapting to your customers wishes if at all possible.

This is also not to say you should have a meeting with all your customers and do whatever they say. Your customers only need anything you do to ultimately wind up generating the results that they want, and if it doesn’t, then you should probably find a way to alter it so it does.

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The few that are fortunate enough to establish their own organization, often get hit with a big dose of reality not long afterwards.

The company owners that are successful don’t take this myth literally. They are aware there are others that should also be able to call a few of the shots, which consequently means they don’t get to call ALL of the shots, and they realize that it is all part of owning a company.

Another thing to consider is. Even if for some odd reason you could run a thriving business without giving anybody any say in the matter, you still could not call all of the shots without getting your business shut down, and this is due to all the regulations and legalities you have to abide by, whether you want to or not, in order to maintain your business.

I’ve noticed that if I hear somebody spouting this fantasy, it is almost always from people who have never run a company, so once you hear that this myth from somebody, my advice would be to simply consider the source, and accept it with a grain of salt.

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